I’m rob, a web developer from Italy. I'm interested in Code, Design, Business, Crypto, Startups and Marketing.

I started my digital career in the near 2019, in the midst of a global pandemic, starting with the world of design and then moving on to development.

I followed a varied training path, acquiring different notions which to date have proved invaluable and have allowed me to develop good lateral thinking skills.

In 2020 I started working as a freelancer offering design and development services to an unexpected number of local realities, creating a network of long-lasting collaborations.

At the beginning of 2021 I joined the Daje team, simultaneously covering the roles of designer and developer. Daje a Roman startup born during the pandemic from the idea of ​​creating a proximity market in Rome and creating a local community where people gather to buy online products that are grown, created or chosen with care by friendly neighborhood shopkeepers.

After a while I joined Baasbox, a former innovative startup, now a company that offers strategy, design and development services to companies of various sizes and various industries, as a developer.

Currently I continue to work in BB and to offer services as a freelance, collaborating with companies, agencies and brands to help them achieve their goals in an effective and lasting way.

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Web Developer

Baasbox - Part-time
feb 2021 - present

I joined Baasbox as a developer of digital products, I work on the creation of excellent digital products by collaborating with startups, companies and entrepreneurs in the digital innovation sector. Baasbox is giving me the opportunity to compare myself with professionals from various sectors, allowing me to grow quickly on a professional level, both from a design and development point of view.

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Intern Developer

gen 2021 - mar 2021

I had the opportunity as my first great work experience in the project of collaboration with the Daje team. I was in charge of the design and internal development. This allowed me to understand how an emerging startup tackles the theme of design and development with sales data, the flows of various customers and the target audience.

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Web Developer

feb 2020 - present

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